There are plenty of beautiful rivers, valleys and scenic areas here in Iowa. One thing we don't have though, is mountains. It's pretty flat. Since we don't have any mountainous areas, elevation isn't really something we think about. Until now. allows you to look at high points throughout the U.S. So, we got curious. Just looking at Linn County, the "unnamed high point" is in Boulder, Iowa near Monticello Road. The elevation there is 1,100 ft above sea level. You'll see this point shown in the map below as the bold, red circle.

If you're wondering what's around there, basically it's just some fields and farmland.

Another website, Peakfinder, has named this area "Wolf Hill". Sounds majestic. The other lighter circles shown are other high points in the area. It looks like Linn County's peaks are all in the northeast corner of the county.

Google Maps

It may not be a mountain, but it is an interesting bit of knowledge. If your wheels are turning now with curiosity, use the site to look up high points in other counties. Happy mapping!