Thanksgiving is a just a few days away! It's the one day of the year we can lay around, watch football, and eat. I love turkey, it's one of my favorite meals, so it's safe to say I'm pretty excited for Thanksgiving 2016!

I'll be traveling north this year for the "turkey-day" celebration. I plan to dine with my parents at their residence in Worthington, Minnesota. Mom will handle the cooking while my father and I attempt to put the Christmas lights on the house. It's a tradition that we do every year...and I hate it. It's WAY too much work.

I'll only be home for about 24 hours....It's right back to work on Friday for me! We're taking The KRNA Morning Show on the road that day. Producer Mike and I will be broadcasting live in Iowa City, outside of Kinnick Stadium, before the Hawks take on Nebraska.

I love the annual "Black Friday" Iowa game. I've never wanted to shop on the day after Thanksgiving. So for me, this is perfect. Football and friends - I LOVE IT!

I predict the Hawks beat Nebraska 42-35. Have a great Thanksgiving, and I hope to see you at the stadium this Friday!

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