If you're one of those snobby, craft beer drinkers, you may not want to read this blog. For realz. See, the latest numbers are in, and the numbers don't lie. Beer snobs, prepare to get honked off. According to The Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association, "Anheuser-Busch shipped nearly 16 million gallons of Busch Light to Iowa in 2015, which made it the top beer for the fourth straight year."

Who would have thunk it? Actually, it's no surprise at all. And for four years running! There's a few simple reasons why:

  • Busch Light is one of the most indiscriminate tasting beers there is. Yeah. I know. You can't say that word when you're drunk, but try it again when you're sober! Simply put, it takes on the flavor of anything you're having at the same time
  • It is the Hillbilly, Redneck, low-carb beer of choice. Really. Other than Mick Ultra, this is the lowest carb beer that doesn't taste like air
  • Other than "the Stone" (no relation to Eric Stone), it's the only one I've seen that runs 16 oz. 6-packs for $3.99 or cases for $14.99
  • Craft beer runs out. Yes, it does! But Busch Light NEVER RUNS OUT. You and your friends and your friends friends could all drink a case, and there's still more. Meanwhile, there's only a limited amount of the high ABV, high gravity stuff you drink. Instead of that...try a shot or five of Ten High
  • Everyone has it. Seriously, you beer snobs, Busch Light is accessible and your beer is not. In fact, you probably have to schedule a special time and place to get your beer,..speaking of which...
  • Busch Light IS your father's beer. It's not Bud Heavy, It's not Coors Light. This is the kind of beer that your dad would love, beer snob. You don't have to worry about IBUs, IPAs, lagers, pineapple infused porters...it's. Just. Straight. Beer.



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