This right here is the perfect example of why you can't believe everything you read or see on the internet. Surprise, surprise, not all information you come across on the World Wide Web is accurate or factual.

In 2024, someone can look up a handful of tweets and create a graph that supposedly represents an entire group of people. Whether that group of people is an entire state, a region, or an entire country. It's incredible and scary to me how fast the internet works.

Whoever has this job, I want it. All you have to do is check out a few tweets and create some "study" that represents the state of Iowa. If we're calling a spade a spade, this "study" represents practically the entire midwest. I'm not sure if I would take things this far but I'd almost be willing to bet one of my toes that this beer is not "the most popular Super Bowl Beer" in the state of Iowa.

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Bet Online "combed through" posts to find out which is the most popular beer in Iowa.


There is No Chance This 'Study' Is True

First things first, I'm not hating on Miller Light in any way shape, or form. If you enjoy Miller Light, drink it up. Responsibly of course. There is absolutely no chance Miller Light is Iowa's favorite beer. I've only lived here for a little over 2 years, so my idea of Miller Light in Iowa might not hold a ton of weight but I will say that in those 2 years, I've never once seen someone order a Miller Light at a bar or restaurant.

I personally do not like Miller Light at all. It's possibly my least favorite beer, so when there's a Miller Light around, I notice. I then wonder how someone can possibly drink the stuff.

I've never seen any golf carts with Miller Light cans in the cup holders, I've never once seen someone bring a case of Miller Light to a party I've been at. Not only have I not seen any inkling of Miller Light being popular in Iowa, but I know for a FACT that it's not that popular in Minnesota. I grew up and lived in Minnesota for 31 years and I don't have 1 single friend who buys Miller Light beer. Will we drink them if someone hands us a free one? Sure, but I don't know one single person who buys Miller Light regularly.

If Miller Light was that popular, I'd have to have seen someone drinking it by now. Plus, more Busch Light is shipped into Iowa than any state in America. If Miller Light was that popular, Iowa wouldn't be drinking Busch Light by the gallons.

If you need work, you should get a job as someone who does "studies" on random topics. Apparently, you just need to go on Twitter and "comb" through a handful of tweets, make a graph to represent your findings, and Voila! You can now update your resume to "researcher."

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