A few Iowa towns have a worse reputation than others.

Bigger cities will likely have more crime. That's just how it is. Unfortunately, we see stories all of the time about a homicide or something terrible that's happened near us.

Using statistics, RoadSnacks came up with the "Murder Capitals of Iowa" and number one is a town you likely know very well.

They looked at FBI data, including the raw numbers of murders in each city, the murders per person, and the murder rate per capita.

Scroll down to see Iowa's "murder capitals"...and the QC's.

#3. Ottumwa

City of Ottumwa, Iowa- City Government Facebook
City of Ottumwa, Iowa- City Government Facebook

Ottumwa, a town of 24,308 that's split by the Des Moines River, gets the 3rd spot on the murder capitals list.

  • Rank Last Year: 26
  • Murders: 3 (6th Most)
  • Murders Per 100k: 12.3 (5th Most)

#2. Fort Madison

Travel Iowa
Travel Iowa

Fort Madison was found to have the most murders per capita. It is the smallest town in the top 3, with a population of 10,185.

  • Rank Last Year: 39
  • Murders: 2 (9th Most)
  • Murders Per 100k: 19.6 (Most)

And The "Murder Capital" Of Iowa & The QC...

#1. Davenport

Downtown Davenport Partnership
Downtown Davenport Partnership

Davenport is one of the biggest cities in the state of Iowa, of course it'll have a high murder rate. It ranks #1 for the most murders.

  • Rank Last Year: 5
  • Murders: 10 (Most)
  • Murders Per 100k: 9.8 (7th Most)

Unfortunately, Davenport has crawled up in the rankings since last year. I guess the silver lining is that Iowa isn't doing too bad as a whole. According to the stats, 19 cities in Iowa reported a murder to the FBI, meaning 60 did not. So it could be worse?

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