There's a nationwide aluminum can shortage which is just starting to affect the Cedar Rapids beer market. So If you're a tallboy drinker, get ready to start drinking beer from a bottle or the tap.

The folks at 7G Distributing told me that the Busch Light 16 ounce tallboys have been the hardest to replenish. That should come as no surprise, Busch Light is arguably the most popular beer in Linn County.

The main reason for the aluminum can shortage is basic economics: demand far outweighs supply at this time. There has been an increase in the craft beer market, newer types of drinks (ie: selzers, hard ciders), wines and coffee drinks, all of which consumers desire to drink from cans. COVID-19 created another issue as bars were closed and if people wanted to drink, they had to grab a case at the grocery store to enjoy it at home.

While it isn't only the 16 ounce tallboys being affected by the shortage, 12 ouncers are also at risk. But for some reason here in Cedar Rapids, people REALLY love tallboys. I'm from Minnesota where we ONLY drank 12 ounce cans.  When I moved to Cedar Rapids, I quickly found out it's hard to even find a "normal" size can in a bar.

Let's hope this problem gets taken care of in the very near future, or it might be a great time to start investing in the glass market.

And after all of the writing...... I'm ready for an ice cold beer.


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