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If you're someone who is new to the state, we've prepared this nice starter kit for you. It has everything you'll need to fit right in.


Neoprene Sleeve Beverage Cooler

First off, you should know that many folks run on Busch Light around here. So don't even think of trying to order a Coors at the next big game. And if you do, just slide one of these nifty Busch Light koozies over your beverage and you'll fit right in.


Craftsman Electric Start Single Stage Snow Blower

In case you weren't around for the Polar Vortex last winter, let us fill you in. It blew through the state causing pipes to freeze and burst, and extremely cold temperatures. Basically, winters can be brutal and we have the potential to get a lot of snow (especially after seeing this winter's prediction). So, you'll want to be prepared. This piece of equipment will save you a lot of time and back breaking work shoveling snow.


OTS NCAA Men's All-Star Adjustable Hat

You soon learn that, although there are some Iowa State and other college fans, Hawkeye fans dominate the state. Bust out the black and yellow and head over to Iowa City for a game.


Field of Dreams on Blu-Ray

Just watch it and visit Dyersville,'ll understand.


Obsidian Airflow Bike Helmet

There are a lot of bicycle riders. You'll even see that many Cedar Rapids roads have lanes specifically for bikes. Although, it's not required that you wear a helmet, you really should just to be safe.


Stainless Steel and Plastic Corn Holders

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, you'll want these bad boys. As you've probably heard (and seen), there's a lot of corn in Iowa. Sweet corn is the favorite. There's even festivals dedicated to it. You'll be eating a lot of it and these will help you hold on to that delicious cob without burning your fingers off.

These are just some items to help you get started. You should also be prepared to say things like sac, pop, bubbler, ope, cornhole, more ranch please, and Go Hawks! Oh, and if you're looking for some new clothes any of these t-shirts will be perfect choices. Welcome!