College football is back.  That feels nice to say.  So let's say it again.  College football is back.  Ahhhh.

The thing that goes great with College Game Day is the perfect slice of pizza.  These are the best places to get pizza in both of Iowa's college towns.

Iowa State Pizza Place

Northern Iowa v Iowa State
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Before, during, or after a Cyclones game there are a lot of places to choose for some pizza.  But one place has been doing it since May of 1979.  That's 44 years of cheesy goodness.

The Great Plains Sauce and Dough Co. makes their fresh dough daily in thin as a "Sam's, Thin Denver or Idaho" or thick with styles of "Denver, New Orleans or Oat".

They have also been making pizza since 1980 in the shape of a heart.  What started as a Valentine's Day promotion has now turned into something you can order at any time for any special occasion.  Like College Game Day.

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The Best Place For Iowa Hawkeye's Pizza

Iowa v Nebraska
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If you thought the Iowa State pizza place has been doing it for a long time, then you should check out what is going on in Iowa City.

Pagliai's Pizza was established in 1957 and is still serving fans young and old today.

The award-winning pizza story actually started in 1914 when John and Katrina Pagliai left Northern Italy and settled in Iowa.

Don't expect to walk into this pizza restaurant and order anything but pizza.  Their menu is simple and to the point with your options of pizza in thin and crispy crust (their specialty), double crust, or gluten-free crust.  And that is what you are getting.  Pizza.  No sides or other items here.

Want to take a tour of the best pizza places in every college football town in America?  Yes.  Yes, you do.  Check out the best places for a slice or the whole pie in every college town.

And here is your new life goal.  Check out the best places thanks to Big Game Boomer on X.

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