Do you ever look through your Google search history and feel a little embarrassed? If your answer is yes, then you're not alone!

The website Zippia recently used Google Trends to put together a list titled, "What Each State Should Be Embarrassed for Googling." The results are VERY entertaining.

So, exactly what was Zippia looking for when they were doing their research? The article says:

"We look at searches ranging from August 2019 to August 2020, giving us a full year of cringey internet searches. We searched hundreds of terms ranging from awkward medical questions, reality shows and unpopular movies, conspiracy theories, unfashionable clothing, and other mortifying queries."

I have to say, the top pick for Iowa isn't nearly as embarrassing as some of the results from other states! Apparently, lots of Iowans are looking to lose their jobs, because the embarrassing thing we search for more than any other state is "how to get fired." I don't really think that's something that needs to be researched, but hey, maybe we have so many great workers that people have no idea how to lose their jobs!

Here are some of the top embarrassing searches from neighboring Midwest states:

  • Illinois - "What do we breathe out?"
  • Minnesota - "Hacky sack"
  • Missouri - "How to fake sick"
  • Wisconsin - "Why do people lie?"
  • South Dakota - "Dr. Phil"
  • Nebraska - "Smelly feet"

I have to hand it to Nebraska for "smelly feet." That's definitely the most embarrassing search out of the bunch! At least they're not West Virginia, where people like to search the question "Why is my poop green?" or Georgia, where people want to know "where is Africa?"

You can check out more hilarious results from the Zippia study HERE.

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