There are some absolutely AMAZING sales going on this weekend at stores all over the country, and we want you to know about them!

I've been getting a boat-load of emails and have been seeing an endless number of advertisements on TV and on Facebook for all sorts of 4th of July sales, but I haven't paid too much attention to them. I'm paying attention now. WalletHub posted an article listing a HUGE number of specific sales at different stores, and there are some fantastic deals on some big-ticket items that you should be aware of. Here are just a few of the stores and items that caught my eye:

  • Sears

  • Kmart
    • Kenmore 6.5 cu. ft. Electric Dryer - Original price:$419.99/Sale price: $299.99
    • Intex 16’X42’’ Easy Set Ring Pool - Original price: $353.99/Sale price: $179.99

  • JCPenney
  • Home Depot

For a MUCH larger list of items from these stores and other places like Best Buy, Amazon, Groupon, Target, Lowe's and more, click HERE.

[Via WalletHub]