It would seem that the majority of us has been trying to forget the troubles of the past few months.

A study by the American Addictions Center (AAC) polled 3,000 people to see how much we've been drinking in this pandemic.

According to the study, in the first 11 weeks, the average American spent 172 hours drunk. That's a full 7 days and some change. So really, we've only been coherent 10/11 weeks so far.

Here's a quick list of the drunkest states since quarantine in mid-March:

1.  South Dakota- 468 hours.  That's 19-and-a-half days' worth, or an entire quarter of lockdown.

2.  New Mexico- 444 hours.

3.  New Jersey- 375 hours.

4.  Montana- 339 hours.

5.  Colorado- 337 hours.

6.  Connecticut- 288 hours.

7.  Minnesota- 272 hours.

8.  Georgia- 261 hours.

9.  Maine- 234 hours, or just under 10 days.

10.  Mississippi- 234 hours.

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