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A unique Guinness world record was recently set by a woman in Kewanee, Illinois. A woman named Emily Canellos-Sims finally returned a book her mother checked out back in 1955. It's either a really good book, she lost it and finally found it, or she was purposely holding onto it all this time to set the record. If it's the latter, those are some costly bragging rights because Canellos-Sims now owes her local library $345.14. Maybe they'll cut her a break since she's kind of making them famous but wow. She set the world record for the largest overdue library fine. My co-workers might say that's something I would do.

Being as Kewanee is kind of in our neck of the woods, I set out to find some of the most unique Guinness World Records set by people in Iowa. This may only scratch the surface and all info comes from Guinness World Records online. And, if you're wondering what that $345, world-record-breaking book is, here you go.

Ten Guinness World Records Set in Iowa

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