As the clean up continues here in Eastern Iowa, there is still a need for supplies and volunteers. If you have some spare time this weekend, visit the Iowa Derecho Storm Resource Page by clicking on this link.

The Resource Page is constantly updated with news and information. Right now there is a huge need for volunteers. It sounds like they have most of the supplies the need, but volunteers are needed to do some deliveries.

The on-site location for the Resource Page is 5001 1st Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids. So far the group has served over 3000 meals and raised over $120,000. You can stop by or text your availability to (319) 432-9754.

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As of Friday night, there were still over 10,000 people without power in Iowa. Alliant Energy has around 1,5000 workers out working as we speak restoring power to the area.

This has been a crazy 12 days and I just hope things can get better soon. I have multiple friends that are sitting in the dark and their starting to lose hope. I just want this nightmare to end and get back to some normalcy in Eastern Iowa.

Once again, if you have some spare time this weekend and you'd like to volunteer, check out the  Iowa Derecho Storm Resource Page by clicking this link.

Stay safe out there.....we'll get through this.

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