Soul Asylum is coming to Waterloo. The band will be headlining a gig at Spicoli's Rock Garden & Grill on Wednesday, July 25th. Tickets are just $25, and can be purchased  by visiting this link.

I know I'm supposed to be "Classic Rock" guy, but I really dig the music of Soul Asylum. Maybe it's because just like the band, I'm also from Minnesota. They were pretty big for many years in the land of 10,000 lakes.

Soul Asylum has a soft spot in my heart for another reason. They were the first band I brought to Cedar Rapids when I started promoting live music. The guys were all super cool, and we packed Third Street Live that night! Even though that show was over 20 years ago, I'll always remember it.

Once again, Soul Asylum will be at Spicoli's in Waterloo on Wednesday, July 25th. For more information, visit this link.

I'll see you at the show!

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