If you have a lot of sex and you're worried you have an addiction, I've got news for you: It turns out you're mentally ill - which could open up a lot of new options concerning diagnosis and treatment.

According to England's newspaper The Telegraph,"Sex addicts (now) may be given treatment...after global health chiefs formally recognized the addiction as a mental health condition."

It all sounds like BS to me, but you had me at hello.

The "experts" say it's much like any other addiction. If sex is becoming the central focus of your life, it can be a problem. The World Health Organization claims sex addiction affects up to 6% of adults.

I'm just wondering how would they treat a sex addiction? Do they cut your internet off and tell you not to never leave the house? Is there medication you can take to make you less horny? I have so many questions.

If you think you have a sex addiction, please seek therapy. Or just do what I think I would do...download Tinder and hope for the best.

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