It was bound to happen. With social distancing the new norm, people are looking everywhere for something to do.

So perhaps its no surprise that Saturday night cruising appears to be a returning phenomena on 1st Ave in downtown Cedar Rapids.

Check out this Facebook events page, promoting its return, with hundreds of interested fans ready to attend another ride coming up this Saturday, May 2nd.

And why not? A downtown car cruise checks all the right boxes:

  • It offers social interaction with plenty of safe distancing.
  • You drive at slow speeds, there's no drag racing.
  • You can get Drive In (or drive thru) food and drink while you're out.
  • And you can share the experience on (new) social media while enjoying song requests on (old school) radio broadcasts.

It takes you back to high school days when just driving around was a fun thing to do. Who knew it would take a pandemic to bring cruising back into style.

If you're new to cruising, I'd suggest you watch American Graffiti for a full course on the tradition.

And if you're an old timer like me, you may also enjoy joining this Facebook page "You Know You Grew Up in Cedar Rapids in the 70's and 80's"

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