A new University of Texas study says women may do themselves favor by faking orgasms.

The research seems to suggest that gals who fake it, eventually "make it" to the Big "Oh!"

Why doesn't Iowa conduct important research like this?

For years men have been called out for not caring if their female partners climax, as if it's a man's shortcoming if she is unfulfilled.

Forget about all the other tasks and chores running through a woman's head (like laundry, cooking, kid's homework, doctors appointments, paying bills...)

Some experts say women who find enough energy after a long work day to engage in lovemaking would be better off if they're able to conjure up enough imagination to fulfill themselves!

That sure takes a lot of pressure off us fellas, because luckily we don't seem to have much trouble when it comes to coming...

Seriously, we all know it takes two to tango, and loving couples who each take time and effort to provide pleasure are the ones who enjoy the benefits the most.

Happy humping!

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