Most of us love the neighborhoods we live in. And there are a lot of reasons you can feel good about your neighborhood in the Cedar Rapids city limits.

According to City-Data, the City of Five Seasons ranks as a good place to raise a family, we score higher than average on housing affordability, education, healthcare, and safety. And Livability has a virtual love fest of good things to say about Cedar Rapids.

There are dozens of distinctively different neighborhoods in the city of Cedar Rapids. If you include Marion and Hiawatha, the number of neighborhoods rises even higher. Many are just a few blocks deep and not even a 1/2 mile wide. But each one is like its own little community with nearby landmarks, parks, stores, schools, and shops.

We'll start with Neighborhood Scout's impressive list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids. Their Top Five are 1) Linn Junction/ New Buffalo, 2) Cottage Grove Ave. SE - Post Rd, 3) Covington, 4) Mt. Vernon Rd SE/Lincoln Heights Drive, 5) Williams Blvd/Beverly Rd.

The folks at Nextdoor are creating an entire online community into each IRL neighborhood.

Next, we have a few of the "big ones", neighborhoods that need little-to-no introduction: the New Bo District, Downtown, Czech Village, Brucemore, and the Med Quarter.

Now toss in a couple of local favorite neighborhoods, like the Harbor Drive houseboat residents on the Cedar River. At the other end of the grid, check out city neighborhoods like Rompot, historical Wellington Heights, Bever Park, and Noelridge. Each one uniquely charming and each with its own challenges.

So now it’s up to you, to tell us which neighborhood is the best. You can base your vote on housing, commerce, recreation, or any other amenities that are meaningful to you.

Tell us what makes you most proud of your Cedar Rapids neighborhood. We’ll publish the results this Friday and profile the five favorite neighborhoods as chosen by you.

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