We've had a lot of rain lately, and just when we think it's easing up--THIS. Now, there's no real cause for alarm as we currently seem to be mostly in the clear.

The Tropical Storm Gordon is on the move, causing rainfall across the Midwest. The good news is that all of the nasty stuff appears to be missing us. The National Weather Service released an updated map showing the storm's (and its rainfall's) projections. As of now, it appears that the projection is just barely hitting the southeastern border of our good ol' state of Iowa.

National Weather Service

If you're wondering how much rainfall that means for us, take a look at the graphic below.

National Weather Service

After all the rain we've had, I think we can all agree that we're glad this storm is staying away. The same can't be said for our neighbors in Missouri and Illinois though. It look s like they're going to get the brunt of it. Let's just hope this tropical storm moves out fast, we're ready for that fall weather!

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