I had the pleasure of attending Vintage Torquefest and participate in the mini bike races at the beginning of the month.  My goal was to race, and then raffle the mini bike for Helping Hannah's Heart Foundation.  Well, moms and dads, that raffle is upon us!  The raffle tickets will be available online through Thursday, May 13th at 11:59pm. Be sure to tune in on Friday, May 14th when we'll announce the winner!

The story of the mini bike is the story of the kind of generosity that we love here in the Midwest.  I mentioned this idea on the D&M show, and before I know it, Jeff Grabau has donated a mini for me to ride--and the legendary Jim Hetzler has offered to customize the paint job!  I added an Evel Knievel suit and wore a borrowed helmet from Pat and Carolyn McIntyre.  The final ingredient was the framed, signed Evel Knievel photo from my mancave, zip-tied to the handlebars.  Yes, this could all be yours.
Roberta Osmers
Roberta Osmers
Roberta Osmers


Whatever we make in raffle tickets sales, will go directly to Helping Hannah's Heart Foundation, which helps out families who have a child facing serious heart issues.
You can read about the foundation, and the great work it does here:
And you can buy raffle tickets to win this spectacular mini bike here:
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