Dear Aaron Rodgers,

I'm writing down and expressing my feelings as a Green Bay Packers fan on this fine Midwest evening. I've been a die-hard Green Bay fan now for decades. I was officially won over by a brash gunslinger named Brett Favre. But when he left town, I fully supported the new regime. Your regime. It was time for Aaron Rodgers. I'm here to tell you that it still is your time. But make no mistake about it. While Packer fans may forgive, we certainly never forget. This last chapter of your career needs a serious re-write.

I don't know the exact issues that have you contemplating what you say you're considering. Retiring. Demanding a trade. Changes in the front office. I've honestly stopped listening to all the talking heads. The only person I care to hear from now is you. But I'm not holding my breath that will happen. You're involved in a game of leverage, and yes, Aaron, you have some of that. You're coming off your best season ever. You won the MVP, and were arguably a few plays away from the Super Bowl. But the Packer organization has leverage too. They have you under contract for 3 more seasons. It was a deal that you agreed to. If you choose to play hardball and sit this season, you'll owe the team $30 million in salary and signing bonuses.

I don't know who leaked the story on draft night that you weren't happy. I'm not sure the reason why it was leaked. But our loyalty and patience have limits. I get you're not happy playing on what amounts to a year to year basis. Watching your replacement grow and improve along side you. But what the majority of Packer fans realize is that no one player, or person, is bigger than the Green Bay Packers. I'd love to see you come back and suit up this year. I want you to play the following year, and who knows, maybe even the year after that! I want more Super Bowls and MVPs. But if you don't come back. If you choose to stand firm and leave after 16 seasons, I'm prepared for that too.

Packer fans are lucky. We've had two straight Hall of Fame quarterbacks lead our franchise. And while we all wish that we had more than 2 Super Bowl titles to show for it, I'm proud to be a fan of an organization that is run the right way. Never mortgaging too much of the future to take a shot at winning right now. Some say we should be trying to win at all costs. What if that cost is a decade or more of losing? I've had so many great memories at Lambeau Field, most of them because of you, Aaron. I can't wait to cheer for you again as you take the field to lead your team and Packer nation. But rest assured, we are also prepared for what is next. Whether that is Jordan Love or whoever else suits up under center. The name may change, but the G on the side of the helmet will remain the same.

I'll take 'Quarterback Kerfuffle' for $600, Aaron.


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