We may be grown-ups, but deep down many of us are just a bunch of big kids around here. This is a prime example. We all work really hard, so sometimes we take a moment to have a little fun.

A couple of years ago, two staff members decided to set up an obstacle course using office items and see who could make it through the fastest. Well, in honor of that, we decided to give it another go. Staff members had to first spin around three times using a toy sword as a guide, then sit on a roller chair and roll their way to the doorway. Once at the doorway, they had to crawl through a hula hoop, then proceed to weave around office chairs. After they got through the chairs, the last section consisted of having to jump over recycling bins and touch their hand to the top of a giant cone to signify completion.

The DJ with the best time wins! See who came out victorious. CAUTION: You probably shouldn't try this at your work.


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