The great thing about the Insane Inflatable 5K on June 17 at Hawkeye Downs is that it's an event for runners of all experience levels. You can be someone who runs 5Ks in their sleep or someone like me who runs one once a year. The event is meant to be FUN! But there are some things you need to remember as you prepare your body for the stresses of running a 5K. Many of these are good to remember no matter how many 5Ks you've run!

We'll even save you an amazing $15 off your entry fee when you register through Memorial Day (5/29) and use promo code "AMERICA."

  • Sleep - Since you might have a few nerves the night before the event, experts say getting a great night's sleep TWO nights out can help a lot.
  • Light Running - If you are training for the 5K, your distance should decrease the week of the event. Go on short runs to keep your legs fresh.
  • Breakfast - It's the most important meal of the day! On race day, eat about two hours prior to the race. Keep it consistent with what you've eaten during your training.
  • Get there early - There are lots of things to do once you get to the site. Getting your race number, finding friends, even hitting the restroom one last time.
  • Warm it up - About 25 minutes before your race time, begin your warmups. Don't forget to stretch!
  • Get in line - Where do you line up? Stay in the middle or towards the back if you are a beginner. Find a group that you can keep pace with.

Whether this is your 10th 5K or your first, the Insane Inflatable 5K will be one to remember! Be prepared and have fun!


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