According to WHO-TV, "It was a close call in Marshall County after a crop duster pilot was forced to make an emergency landing just yards from a child's birthday party."

The incident happened Saturday afternoon in the town of Haverhill, Iowa. Mechanical issues caused the plane to lose power and the pilot had to make an emergency landing. The plane ended up crashing  in the front lawn of a home at 2700 Parker Avenue.

Thankfully, there were no injuries from the plane crash.The WHO-TV story indicated the pilot was very experienced and made the correct decisions. The Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating the crash.

The family of the home where the crash happened was having a birthday party at the time. I'm sure this was a very scary scene for the people that witnessed the plane going down. Again, we are happy there were no injuries.

To read the full story courtesy of WHO-TV, please click here.

[Source: WHO-TV]

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