Pabst GREEN Ribbon Beer? Sort of...

Each can of Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis Infused Seltzer is lemon-flavored that contains just four grams of sugar, 25 calories and contains no preservatives. Each can will also contain five mg of THC.  Pabst Labs says that the lemon seltzer will be the only flavor available during initial launch, but additional flavors are already in development.

Settle's currently only available in California as a "Test Market." 

The initial test launch will see Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis Infused Seltzer available for customers in a select group of California dispensaries and direct to California consumers.

Cannabis Business Times also says that:

Pabst Labs was founded by a group of cannabis beverage experts and former Pabst Brewing Company employees who were granted the rights to create a line of cannabis infused drinks under the Pabst Blue Ribbon Name.

Assuming the taste test goes well, you can expect PBR's THC-infused Seltzer to spread to other legalized states like; Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington.

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