We felt some of the hottest weather of the year this weekend in Eastern Iowa. But that didn't stop the 3,600 people that packed the inaugural Parnell Music Festival! When I say it was hot, I mean it was REALLY hot. But the beer was cold, and that's all that mattered!

Hard Barney kicked off the day around 3:30 with a blistering set of killer classics. Slap 'N" Tickle followed, and almost brought down the house with their performance that lasted almost three hours. AC/DC tribute band Electric Shock played third, and fans quickly found out why these guys are know as "The Nations #1 AC/DC show." It was hit after hit with Electric Shock.

Head East closed the show, and what a show it was! These guys have been around for over 40 years, and they still know how to put on one hell of concert. Head East founder Roger Boyd told me after the show, "This is what we love to do. Playing festivals, meeting new friends, and performing the hits that our fans want to hear."

Here's a short clip of Head East playing their biggest hit in Parnell on Saturday night:

For the first year, I'd day the crew at the Parnell Tavern did one hell of a job with this festival. These things aren't easy to pull off. Special thanks to Johnny 'O, Lindsey, Katie, Brian, Amy, and the rest of the Sundown and Parnell crew....you guys did a great job!

If you missed the Parnell Music Festival, no need to worry. Mediacom Cable there and filmed all 4 performances. They will broadcast the show in July, on Mediacom Connections Channel 22. I will post a link when we find out the exact air dates.

I can't wait for next year to do it all over again! I just hope it's a little cooler.

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