The Paramount Theatre continues to bring a wide variety of performers to Cedar Rapids.

On Friday November 2nd, the exceptionally talented Bruce Hornsby takes the stage for an evening of eclectic entertainment.

The Paramount Theatre says "Bruce Hornsby has built one of the most diverse, collaborative and adventurous careers in contemporary music. Drawing from a vast wellspring of American musical traditions, the singer/pianist/composer/bandleader has created a large and accomplished body of work and employed a vast array of stylistic approaches."  

In 1986 Hornsby turned rock radio on it's ear with his hit "The Way It Is". Other cool tracks followed it's release, songs like "Every Little Kiss" "Mandolin Rain" and "The Wild Frontier".

Hornsby's work contributed a valuable element in 80's music history. With hair metal and synth pop dominating the 80's airwaves, his fresh singer-songwriter approach helped balance radio playlists with welcomed relief - providing insightful lyrics and cool melodies.

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