Uncertain Future for Overman Park Events at Sturgis Falls

A Cedar Falls tradition might look a bit different next year.

In a social media statement made on October 5th, the Official Sturgis Falls Celebration board announced that the Sturgis Falls events that are held in and around Overman Park are "on hold" for the time being.

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"Due to the City Council not requiring competing events to help pay for the family events in Overman Park & the lack of financial sponsorships and volunteers all of the family events in & around Overman Park are on hold!"

These events held at Overman Park are family friendly attractions.

The reason for this change to Sturgis Falls 2024?

Apparently, the main reason is due to a combination of money and low volunteer numbers. This news does NOT mean that Sturgis Falls is cancelled. Officials confirm that the events that are held at Gateway Park are already set up and locked down.

What Happened at Sturgis Falls 2023?

The annual festivities went as planned on Friday, but things came to a halt on Saturday. Rain began to fall during the Sturgis Falls parade and continued throughout the day.

Music and events were cancelled or postponed due to the unfortunate weather. On Saturday at approximately 6:30 PM the Overman Park entertainment and vendors were closed down for the evening.

In a report from KWWL, these storms are a big reason for the irresolute status of the Overman Park events for the 2024 Sturgis Falls. The revenue that comes from the carnival, food concessions, and beer was essentially cut in half.

But there is still hope for the event!

Officials claim that if the team behind the Overman Park festivities can get additional sponsorship dollars, then the events can happen in 2024!

We will keep you updated as to whether or not this is a go for Sturgis Falls next year once more information is made available.

Sturgis Falls 2024 is slated to take place on June 28th through the 30th.

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