When you think of Iowa you most likely think of corn, hogs, or plenty of other crops, but on farm does it much different. Today we are learning about an Ames born farmer who is changing the idea of what we eat in the West.

Farmers Plant Corn To Take Advantage Of Prices Driven Up By Ethanol
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Shelby Smith, the founder of this niche market, Originally she started with a career in banking but, since she grew up on a farm, she decided to go back to her roots and start farming again with her dad. Shelby's dad inspired her to pursue a unique market...

The Iowa Crop

It's crickets!


Shelby, founder of Gym 'N' Eat Crickets uses these high protein critters to make everything from protein bars to pizzas. Deemed the "prairie lobster", crickets contain an insane amount of nutrients. Shelby developed a cricket powder which can be used as a salad topping, smoothie mix-in, or basically for whatever your heart desires. Two tablespoons of this powder holds a whopping eight grams of protein. The name Gym 'N' Eat Crickets holds a special place in Shelby's heart. She is a weightlifter and has hosted a number of competitions at her farm near Ames.

Why They Do It

There is actually multiple reasons to do this. According to "Only In Your State" There are two main reasons,

Number 1: They are a complete protein. Number 2: Sixty percent by volume of the cricket is protein! They’re also high in iron and calcium, low in fat, and are a good source of B12 vitamins and Omega 3s and 6s.

What do you think of this Iowa export? Would you give them a try?

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