It's always fun to scan through the missed connections section of your local Craigslist. This week you can find a fellow Rick and Morty fan, a thumb fetishist, and a good Samaritan who also wanted a little action.

We'll start with that one first. This person seemed nice at first offering someone a ride. Then we find out where...and it takes a turn when we find out this do-gooder had some ulterior motives: (CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR A BIGGER IMAGE)

Every once in awhile you come across an ad that you have to question if it was written by someone under the influence of mind altering substances or a random word generator. Either's this one:

And finally, here's a guy who was attracted to a certain part of another guy's anatomy, and it might not be what you'd expect.

I bet a "Thumbs-Up" from him entails a little extra something.