[UPDATE, 5/5/2022]: Steindler Orthopedic Clinic has announced that it has closed on the $11 million sale of its current clinic, 2751 Northgate Drive, Iowa City. Kansas City's Crown MedRealty Partners purchased the property, and according to Corridor Business Journal, will move in when Steindler's new North Liberty facility is completed in 2024. Plans for that North Liberty facility are described below.]

[ORIGINAL STORY]: After all opposition to the project was withdrawn at the eleventh hour, a project built out of a partnership between Mercy Iowa City and Steindler Orthopedic Clinics will move forward.

The State Health Facilities Council approved a $19.2 million "certificate of need" for the Steindler North Liberty Ambulatory Surgery Center, which will be located 1.5 miles east of a new building from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, which had their $395 million facilities approved to be built near Highway 965.

RDG Design
RDG Design

According to the Corridor Business Journal (CBJ), the 71,000-square-foot orthopedic surgery center itself is just part of the project, which will also include a physician office building, acute care hospital, general market hotel, and space for future development.

The Corridor Business Journal spoke to officials who said:

The partnership will serve patients needing high-quality orthopedic care in Johnson County and Eastern Iowa, officials said. The two organizations have partnered on orthopedic services for 70 years, and the new venture follows a national trend of orthopedic groups and hospitals creating formal relationships to strengthen access and quality.

Both Iowa City Ambulatory Surgery Center and Johnson County Surgical Investors initially voiced concern over added competition from the new facility, but seemingly soon realized that more opportunities for patients in the area to receive care is an important advantage.

RDG Design
RDG Design

To that end, Steindler's Certificate of Need (CON) application notes that the added competition would serve to keep costs down for patients.

The new Steindler Ambulatory Surgery Center should be completed and open by the end of 2024.

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