On the heels of the University of Iowa recently receiving the largest donation in its history, and the contribution being earmarked towards the construction of an additional hospital, another medical facility in Iowa City announces its expansion plans.

According to Corridor Business Journal, Steindler Orthopedic and Mercy Iowa City have entered into a strategic partnership to establish a new medical park in North Liberty. The new facility will also work in collaboration with the University of Iowa Health Care's own recently approved new site in North Liberty which is currently under construction.

The Steindler/Mercy Iowa City project includes a certificate of need application (CON) for a free-standing ambulatory surgery site.

Keeping costs down for patients

The aim of the Steindler/Mercy Iowa City facility is to provide a "competitive option for their services to patients" in a premier orthopedic facility, with operating rooms also conducive to robotic surgery procedures. It gives private practice physicians in Johnson County, "a competitive chance at staying in private practice".

The vision is to create a premier destination for orthopedic care,” said Steindler president and CEO Patrick Magallanes. “Steindler had a vision for the future of orthopedic care and independent physician practice in our community and committed to the concept by purchasing land in North Liberty. We anticipated Mercy Iowa City would be our partner in the vision from the beginning. Today, we are pleased to announce that we are working together on a vision for our future.

The hearing on the CON application will take place on February 20.

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