I moved to Iowa to do radio in mid-2005. And then after moving away about four years later, I came back for the same reason in 2018. One thing I've noticed as a Midwest hoping radio guy: people not from Iowa don't get Iowa. And, the larger the city they live in, the less they understand about the Hawkeye State. After a convo with a friend visiting from Minneapolis, I have never felt this to be more true.

Iowa jokes

I was born and raised in Minnesota. Entirely in the Twin Cities. With divorced parents, I can actually say I lived in both Minneapolis and St. Paul at the same time. Anyways, as a kid, I didn't give the state much thought. My mom was born in Mason City but did not live in Iowa long. So, I had few preconceived notions. Once I got older and began working in the state (Decorah for four years), I began to learn more about how we're perceived. Example: Iowa jokes. My Minnesota friends loved the, "why isn't Minnesota a part of Canada" joke. Oh, the answer is, of course, "Cuz Iowa sucks". Har har.

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This was years ago. I guess I hadn't given the stereotypes or perceptions much thought until very recently. A friend of mine from Minnesota who I worked with in radio had a convention in Des Moines. He's a Minnesota guy who's only worked in Minnesota. He's also single. To prepare for his rendevous, erm, convention, here in Iowa (where he'll be for almost two weeks) he used a dating app and set his location to Des Moines.

He and I were chatting and he was hitting me with all sorts of "zingers". He told me his pick-up line for the Iowa ladies was, "oh I'm sorry you live here! Maybe we can fall in love you can move to Minnesota". He's also using corn references and telling ladies Minnesota women were more adventeours. So, how's he done with his anti-Iowa game? Well, he hasn't played the kiss and tell game. But if I could wager a guess, that would equal not well.

I've compiled a list of the most common "thoughts" non-Iowans have about our fair state. Check 'em out, and let me know if I missed any.

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Iowa is the capital of the Midwest! Ok, that's unofficial, but it's my stance. Here's what NON Iowans think of us.

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