Given everything that the 2023 Iowa Hawkeye football team has been through, you'd think that everyone would be thrilled with a 10-win regular season. Yes, it was ugly on offense for much of the season. But some of the best defense and special teams in the nation helped propel Iowa to a 10-2 record and a spot in the Big Ten Championship game this Saturday night. But if you ask Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz, this team should have at least one more win.

On Friday, Iowa survived its annual rivalry game against Nebraska. A late interception and then a field goal as time expired gave Iowa the 13-10 victory and the right to hoist The Heroes Trophy. Many called it a typical Iowa victory. After racking up 200 yards of offense in the first half, the Hawkeyes managed just 57 in the second. Yes, we'd seen this movie before. But in the end, much like Iowa's other victories this season, the Hawkeyes pulled it out for the unlikely win.

Iowa v Nebraska
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And that is why the post-game press conference by Kirk Ferentz was a bit surprising. Yes, he was happy with the win, but the head Hawk wasn't over Iowa's biggest disappointment of the 2023 season. The controversial loss to Minnesota in Iowa City. You remember, don't you? The 'fair catch' game. The 'Cooper DeJean Miracle Play' game. Most Iowa fans don't want to talk about it as the scars are still fresh. Apparently, Kirk feels the same way. When asked how it felt to win 10 games for the fifth time in his career, Ferentz couldn't resist one final shot at the officials that day. language coming up!

Some are calling Ferentz an old man who needs to let it go. Not this Iowa fan. Sure, perhaps not the time or place I expected to hear these comments. But Kirk is speaking not only for himself but for the entire Iowa fanbase. Tell me Ferentz doesn't have the passion to keep coaching. Just listen to his frustration after a WIN!

Iowa is a huge underdog to Michigan in Saturday's Big Ten Championship game. But one thing is for sure. The Hawkeyes will go in with a huge chip on their shoulders, and no one believing they can win. Kirk Ferentz wouldn't have it any other way.


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