Iowa's marijuana laws are leaving many residents asking "is this really the best we can do?"

The Iowa Legislature authorized medical cannabis in 2017. On December 1 the products are expected to be available for sale to Iowa card holders. But the law is among the most restrictive in the country

How bad is it?

  • The law covers fewer than a dozen conditions.
  • The low limit on THC is concerning, with poor expectations of its effectiveness.
  • There are too few distribution centers - only five statewide, and none in Linn or Johnson Counties.

According to the Gazette,

"Fewer than 500 (Iowans) have obtained cannabis registration cards, according to state data published last month".

The Gazette editorial concludesThere are serious doubts about whether (Iowa's pot laws) will provide effective relief to patients who could potentially benefit most from marijuana-related products. 

It's too bad really, while nearby states like Michigan are soon to legalize recreational use, we still can't seem to let go of good old-fashioned fear.


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