This is a follow up to that stolen wheelchair story from our news partners at CBS2 News.

Earlier this week Cynthia Helms of Cedar Rapids found out her wheelchair had been stolen from her apartment complex on the city's southwest side. Surveillance video captured an image of two men making off with the wheelchair, and Cedar Rapids police continue to investigate the crime.

Then something special happened. On Friday an Iowa City man donated a wheelchair to Cynthia. After hearing of the donation Cynthia, who is deaf, told CBS 2 News through an interpreter, she was truly grateful.

If you've ever been victimized by theft, you know how it can break your trust in your fellow human. It violates you to think others can be so cruel. One can only imagine how frustrating it would be to have to deal with this kind of situation considering everything else there is to cope with these days.

Bravo to Nick Gerxhaliu, the Iowa City man who donated the wheelchair, and blessings to Cynthia for hanging tough through a troubling time.

[source: CBS2 News]

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