Iowa is getting tougher and tougher on drunk driving, and cops aren't messing around anymore.

According to CBS2 News "Under a new law that took effect July 1, anyone convicted of OWI, including first-time offenders, must have an ignition interlock device, similar to a breathalyzer, in their car if they have a temporary restricted license".

The old law exempted first-time offenders who has a blood alcohol content of .08-.10. Now the law requires the device to be installed for all drivers convicted of drunk driving.

As KRNA Morning Show host Jaymz Larson demonstrated in a controlled on-air experiment last September, it doesn't take too long before one too many drinks can put you in the danger zone of buzzed driving.

Patrick Hoye at the Iowa Department of Public Safety says the changes to the interlock law got bipartisan support in the legislature this year., The purpose is a proactive step to reduce traffic deaths in Iowa. Last year there were 330 traffic fatalities and in over 20% of those crashes, alcohol was involved.

[source:  CBS2 News]

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