There's a new watering hole set to open this week in the Czech Village. The location is 88 16th Avenue SW, you may remember that address as the old Al's Red Frog Bar & Grill. After that, it became the Frog Pub & Eatery, that closed about 6 months ago.

Well, the frogs are out and Dirty Shirley's is in! That's the name of the new establishment manager Kristina Moneypenny and her staff plan to open this Friday, June 1st. She tells me they're working around the clock to make sure they will be ready for the grand opening this weekend!

Photo: Larson
Photo: Larson

Moneypenny told me earlier this week, "We're hoping to bring the good vibes and fun back to the Czech Village. Tell all of you friends and join us this Friday!" I asked her about the name, why Dirty Shirley's?

She told me, "The staff brainstormed for several hours over drinks one night. A Dirty Shirley is a Shirley Temple, but with vodka. We loved the idea, and we love the drink. The rest is history!"

From what I saw the other day, the bar will have an 'old school' feel to it. It's clear they are going after a 'retro tavern theme.' I took a few pictures, but I don't want to give too much away! You can see check out Dirty Shirley's for yourself this Friday, June 1st.

I want to wish Kristina and her staff the best of luck with this new venture. If you get some time this weekend, check out the historic Czech Village, and have a refreshing beverage at Dirty Shirley's!

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