Natty Light has released Naturdays, a light lager brewed with strawberry and lemonade flavor. It's a perfect summer drink and it's selling very well here locally in Eastern Iowa.

I own a bar in downtown Cedar Rapids, and people are asking for it everyday. I was shocked. Natural Light has always been a cheap, crappy "college beer," that people often make fun of. But, now folks can't get enough of it!

Other bar owners in town have told me it's doing well for them, too. Who would have thought the big summer drink would be something from Natural Light? And who would have thought we'd be drinking pink cans of beer covered with flamingos?

It's also cheap....very cheap. You can purchase a 30-pack of Naturdays at the store for just $15.99. That comes down to about 53 cents a beer. If you ask me, that's the deal of the summer!

According to their website, Natural Light is an Anheuser-Busch product that was first introduced in 1977. It was the companies first reduced-calorie light beer and it is the sixth best-selling beer in America.

Go out and enjoy one today!

(And don't worry about the pink flamingos.)

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