Just another Sunday night in the Quad Cities.

According to WQAD, "A naked man was arrested after he stole a boat and floated into the I-74 bridge construction area on Sunday night."

The naked man, Tobias Hartfield, stole the boat from the Isle of Capri marina. He floated right into the new bridge construction area. He then got a little crazy and untied ropes on the barge causing the barge to shift.

Police were called and Hartsfield was arrested. For some reason, he wasn't wearing any clothing at all. That's the weird part....what happened to his pants and shirt?

Authorities had to call a tug boat in and they were able to put the barge back in place. Hartsfield was arrested and his bail was set at $23,500.

The good news is they found him some cloths.

Prison issued orange.

To read the full article courtesy of WQAD, visit this link.

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