"October. And the trees are stripped bare of all they wear. What do I care? October. And kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall. But you go on. And on...."

Yes, Bono, the greatest month on the calendar has arrived. Here's a way to navigate the joyride. It's my Best 5 ways to pass the time until Halloween arrives and the Nasty Novemblues set it.

Run from the cops.

Make like it's 1979. Put down your digital device. Walk outside. Thrown some whiffle curveballs, Mr. October.

Play with your kids. Soon they'll be asking for the car keys and drinking your beer.

Go to Legion this weekend and become Marion's King of Plastic. Begin your round by talking like Brody and Avery.

Impress your friends with your burgeoning beer brain.

We'll be test-drinking at Corridor On Tap Beer Festival. Dozens and dozens and dozens of beer varieties on November 21 at The Doubletree.

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