Rain is screwing up a LOT of stuff here in Eastern Iowa this Spring. I've even had an umbrella, the very thing designed to protect me FROM rain, get destroyed by it.

Lawns are going unmowed and I've heard the lamenting of folks having a hard time finding the chance to get out on their motorcycles, bicycles or performing a lot of leisure activities. Uptown Friday Nights has already had to postpone one of its first two shows thanks to unpredictable weather.

The Mt. Trashmore overlook and pedestrian bridge project was presented with a lot of fanfare and after constant delays and setbacks, was finally opened. Now, the heavy rain has to shut it down until at least next week, say officials with the Cedar Rapids Solid Waste Agency.

According to a Facebook post, the "trails have significant erosion and are unsafe to use."

They promise to work tirelessly to get it open sometime next week, but could not specify a date.

Memo to Mother Nature: please start cooperating. We'd all love to start enjoying ourselves and all these wonderful amenities that are getting damaged by your wrath.

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[Via KCRG]


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