Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” duo will be hanging out in the Cedar Rapids area for the rest of the summer. 25 statues have been on display for several weeks in honor of Wood’s 125th birthday. This particular duo resides just a few blocks from the KRNA studio, outside of Newbo City Market at 1100 3rd Street SE...

Photo: Bill Hahn

Grant Wood was born in rural Iowa in February 1891, and spent a considerable amount of his life living in Cedar Rapids. Of course, “American Gothic” – which now resides at the Art Institute of Chicago – is his most famous work.

So I've now taken pictures at seven of the locations. I'm making it a summer project to find as many of these as I can in the coming weeks. I'm doing this rather than pursuing an effort to become an expert-level sitar player. Check out my previous installment here. According to The Gazette, Chicago Fiberglass Works created the white base forms which cost about $1,200 apiece. The project was financed through grants and sponsorships.


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