According to KCRG, "A Mason City man won the first $100,000 top prize in a new Iowa Lottery Game."

Wayne Oswood purchased a "Holiday Dazzle" ticket that has seven top prizes of $100,000. Oswood found out after scratching the ticket he was the winner of one of those grand prizes!

Oswood claimed his prize Friday afternoon at the Iowa Lottery office in Mason City. No word on what he plans to spend the money on at this point.

If it were me, I'd hire a band to play a free show in Cedar Rapids. Nothing too crazy, like a $15,000 act. Invite all my friends and have one HUGE party! That's always been a dream of mine and I hope one day it can happen.

But I NEVER win on scratch tickets and that's why I refuse to play. I have no luck and there aren't enough stories like this to make me want to play.

But anyway, congratulations to Wayne Oswood!

At least somebody is winning.

[Source: KCRG]

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