The Marion City Council agreed unanimously recently to move ahead in the process to secure public funding for its new library.

Plans for a new library include a 52,000 square-foot building situated between what is the current library building and City Hall. It's an estimated $18 million project.

The city will sell the old library to obtain much of the funding. They will also reach out for private fundraising and use local option sales tax money. After all this, $7 million would still be needed. City Manager Lon Pluckhahn told KCRG:

Ultimately, it would end up being a bond, but that's probably not until early next year. Meaning that city council does an announcement, that we are intending to borrow for the project. And there's a period of time where the public could do a petition on it

If enough people petition on it, it goes to a vote. If all of the above is approved, the new library is expected to be completed and open in 2022.

[Via KCRG]

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