Seems you can't go anywhere without worrying if some loser or a thug is going to create a hassle, cause a scene or start a fight.

According to CBS2 News a disturbance occurred outside the Cedar Rapids Public Library on Wednesday afternoon between a group of people who police say appeared to "know each other".

I can only imagine the conversation  that may have preceded the altercation. Insults, slurs, name calling.

Pretty soon fists are flying, hair may pulled, people are slapping at other people. Then the cops are called, needed to restore the peace.

When the blue arrives, you can expect screaming, spitting and swearing, along with a flagrant use of general bad manners coming out in full force.

And these poor cops have to put up with this kind of crap every day.

Kids today call it "throwing shade"

Gen X-er's called it "dissing"

Baby boomers call the cops

Why? Because seeing a fight involving 5-7 people scares the crap out of normal people.

You never know who may be carrying, and how a heated moment can escalate into something very dangerous very quickly. Someone popping off and someone who is offended using very poor judgement. The result ruins several lives with just one shot.

I hate to say it, but it wasn't a shining moment for any of the 5-7 persons involved.

Lets stay classy, Cedar Rapids.

[source CBS2 News]

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