I've been buying scratch tickets for years with little to no luck. I would occasionally win a dollar here or there.... but that's about it. That's why stories like these always make me super jealous!

Gary West lives in Ankeny, Iowa. 12 years ago he bought a scratch ticket worth $100,000. His luck returned last week when he hit another big ticket. This time, he took home a quarter of a million dollars! That's right, $250K.

West, who is a security guard at the Facebook data center in Ankeny, was playing the Aces High game when he won. It's a $20 ticket, way out of my price range. Maybe that's why I never win! I stick to the tickets that only cost me a dollar or two.

West told the Iowa Lottery he plans to buy a new car with the cash and share with his family. Good for you, Gary.

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