A little over six months ago, a dog named Blue went missing. A few thousand miles away, and nearly 200 days later, Blue found his owner.

According to Washington County Animal Shelter in Tennessee, Pat, Blue's owner, was living in Tennessee.

Eventually, he had to give up his search because he had to move to Texas for work.

Months later, Pat saw a video of Blue playing at the shelter and reached out to the shelter right away.

Once he confirmed it was Blue, he drove over 1,200 miles from Texas to pick his buddy up, which of course is caught on video.

Don't watch if you have to walk into work, you'll have cry eyes.

The Washington County, TN Animal Shelter later shared the full story on their Facebook page.

"We don't many happy endings like this one. There were some tears, tons of doggie kisses and lots of smiles. What a great story! We are so happy that the dog we named Bones is back with his dad and ready to catch up on some lovins," they shared in the post.

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