I have heard of some surgeries going wrong or having complications but this seems to take it to a whole new level.

According to WHOTV.com on Wednesday, a jury awarded 38-year-old Burmese man Zaw Zaw $2 million after a procedure went wrong at the Iowa Clinic. Apparently in 2015, Zaw Zaw was referred to the Iowa Clinic for a circumcision procedure and even had a referral letter with him and it was also faxed. A letter was sent because English is not Zaw Zaw's first language so it was to help with the language barrier.

In January of 2016, Zaw Zaw received a vasectomy instead of a circumcision due to the language barrier. Apparently the original document was interpreted and filled out with the correct information but the document go shredded. So when the doctors were explaining the procedure which was for a vasectomy the language barrier was an issue so Zaw Zaw was unable to completely understand what was happening before the surgery.

On Wednesday, the jury awarded Zaw Zaw $2 Million based on the verdict that said the doctor who performed the procedure, Dr. Birusingh, took 70% of the blame because he was the professional who was in charge of making sure the right surgery was occurring.

As of this point, Zaw Zaw will be getting a reversal to the vasectomy and a circumcision at another clinic. For more on the story, check out their website.


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