I know it sucks that we have to wait ALL weekend.....but it's a big one, it will be worth it!

A major concert is coming to the KRNA listening area. We will have all of the details this Monday, October 29th, on The KRNA Morning Show. We hope to make the announcement around 9 a.m.

I'm really surprised they told me....I can NEVER keep a secret. They must know I'm going to Florida on Saturday, so odds are I won't see many people down there that listen to KRNA.

I'll give you only one hint: I LOVE THE BAND!  (That's all you get, & I love a lot of bands)

I wish I could tell you more but you have to wait. If you see me later at the bar, don't even try to buy me shots to open up. IT'S NOT HAPPENING. But I'm cool if you want to have a drink. After all, it's Friday!

Do yourself a favor and listen to The KRNA Morning Show this Monday at 8, for the MAJOR CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT!

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